• 13th June 2013The Slovakian beer of 2013 is Thurzo from Kastelán brewery in Oravský Podzámek. The lager Thurzo has won one of the most prestigious prices in "Slovenská pivní koruna 2013". Thurzo is lager from us realized brewery. This great success highlights fact, this beer was cooked from our brewer. Quality and honest human work celebrated success. More about this 
Slovenské pivo roku 2013
            • 26th april 2013The celebrate opening of Kastelán Brewery, Oravský Podzámok, Slovakia Our employer Pavel Vaněk has participated in celebrate opening ceremony. One of many invited guests was ing. Stanislav Liška (hlavný rádca z kancelarie prezidenta Slovenskej republik) and Juraj Čajko (vice president from Slovak Chamber of Commerce. Great music has been played whole afternoon and evening by Murinovci z Podbielu.
Pivovar Kastelán - slavnostní páskaPivovar Kastelán - otevření 
            • 29th March 2013Kastelán, Oravský Podzámok, Slovakia BreweryThe machine part of brewery was handed over to investor. Test batches and operator training will follow. 26th April 2013 has been chosen for opening ceremony with many famous personalities. Brewery, situated right bellow Orava castle, is, due to big seasonality, rated with 120 hl/year with expansion capability.
Pivovar Kastelán, Oravský Podzámok - varna Pivovar Kastelán, Oravský Podzámok - spilka Pivovar Kastelán, Oravský Podzámok - ležácké tanky
            • 1st February 2013New Pilsner Urquell Original Restaurant - Václav Havel's Airport, Prague Ruzyně. Delivery, assembly, and polished cover hand over was successfully done. "RESTAURANT Letiště Václava Havla, Praha-Ruzyně"
            • January 2012Other minibreweries After successfull realization of reference complete minibrewery in Pacov, complete minibrewery in Armenia and other part time deliveries for minibreweries and breweries, we are able to gain other new customers for minibrewery deliveries. Currently, we are producing whole new minibrewery and other deliveries are well successfully proceeded. Like right decision proved aiming at complex services related with delivery. Big advantage is specialization on quality, reliable and well processed equipment with guarantee and service.
            • PF 2013
J.Hradecký s.r.o., Pacov

            • 15th November 2012The most advanced distillery in ČR.As general supplier, we handed over complete distillery to Zevar s.r.o Větrný Jeníkov. Project documentation, pressure apparatus production and other equipment, complete assembly, tests, and commissioning was included with delivery. This event was our biggest delivery in new history of our company. Distillery is made in most advanced technology up to date in ČR. Photo: "Nejmodernější lihovar ZEVAR Větrný Jeníkov"

            • October 2012Restaurant minibrewery in Armenia. We have successfully done another delivery in Stepankert the capital city of Carabach. Delivery included minibrewery with 600 hl of Pilsner beer capacity assembly, and operator training. Minibrewery is equipped with double tank boiler with coppered polished cladding. Photo from assembly: "Restaurační minipivovar Stěpanakert, Náhorní Karabech - Arménie"
            • May 2012Innovation - distillery 150 litres, pellet heating We successfully managed another delivery and assemly of food grower distillery heated with pellets from bin outside of distillery room. After distillation test we found out that pelet heating is very economical and greatly regulated. Pelets eliminate the biggest disadvantages of solid fuel heating. Aditional wood heating is possible too. Recently we provide pelet heating only for 150 l boiler. Boiler furnace could be either bricked or steeled with isolation. Photo: "Pěstitelská pálenice Neplachov"

            • January 2012Spillage reservoir, even for distillery.

Photos before expedition:

Jan Becher - Karlovarská Becherovka, a.s. - duplikátní kotelJan Becher - Karlovarská Becherovka a.s. - boiler duplicate

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